The Recorder’s Editorial Board is ‘Sold on Tag Sales’

I don’t usually read the Recorder’s editorial page, but there it was, an irresistable headline: “Sold on the tag sales.” The great grey beast has decided to come out in favor of our idea of holding the Town Wide Tag Sale, and in the lead editorial encouraged the Deerfield Selectboard to approve the idea, since it has the potential to bring people to town, and it’s not just ‘business as usual.’

Then I went to the post office, and Kathy the clerk brought it up, saying she thought it was a great idea. Then I got a call at the cafe, it was Chris Collins of WHMP, wanting me to come on the show and talk about the tag sales. At 7:45, I’ll chat up the host, who now does the radio show solo, after the Advocate’s Tom Vannah has moved on. Hey, I can see some momentum here!

Just as all of this starts to gel, and the Selectmen meet on Sept 4–poof! I fly south to Colombia. I am joining my friends Larry Parnass, Tom Gates and Adam Graham on a journey to a small fishing village on the remote Pacific coast of this wild country. The plane is so small that we’ve been asked to bring just 22 pounds of gear. And I’ve already been assured, there is no internet, so no laptop will be needed.

As much as I hate to leave in the heat of battle, travel is in my blood, and so I’ll be on the way to the airport early Thursday. You’ll hear all about it some time after Sept 7, when I can again hook myself up to post blogs.