Tossing, Turning, Shivering–But Ready to Rock

Last night I alternated between tossing, turning, shivering and wondering what I should not forget when leave the next morning for New York. It was a difficult night, unsettling, and it reminded me of back when I first opened the cafe and had so many things on my mind. I kept being afraid that I would leave some very important document or something else at home and be at the Javits Center scrambling to make it work.

But as the clear cold light of day dawned, I was tired but excited about today’s trip into lower Manhattan, where I’ll meet Kent and erect the booth and get ready for Friday at 2 when the trade-0nly crowd streams into the cavernous Javits Center.

Now it’s all systems go, and as usual the cafe is in solid steady hands, and the booth will be staffed with enthusiastic members of the GoNOMAD choir. Paul Shoul, Joe O’Rourke, Sony Stark, Liz Bagley, Cindy and of course Kent and Lisa will make up our posse.

We just introduced a fabulous new vacation rentals directory on our site and now we even offer passports for sale. With our new tours directory and many other tweaks, we’ve never been more ready to show our stuff on the biggest stage in American travel.