New Staff, New Hiring, Make the GoNOMAD Economy Grow

Deerfield Downtown
Today we’re running a help wanted ad on Craigslist for cafe help. That’s a good feeling, we’re adding to the jobs of America, the vaunted jobs that every pol talks about. Creating jobs for Americans. We’re doing that at GoNOMAD.

The ad on Craigslist will bring in about 10 or 15 responses, most likely. And most of them will be great candidates. I think that Craig’s list sort acts as a screener, because people who answer Craigslist ads have never been anything but friendly, normal, like me sort of people. Does using a website to try and get a job separate you from someone who relies on shoe leather?

We have hired Manjula to join the ranks of our web designers. She, Dave Chouinard and Joe Obeng make up our team and our projects are getting noticed. Today at the cafe, Mitch Anthony, a creative type and a designer, complimented me on the look of the site. Nice to have that, and it feels like we’ve tapped a nerve with the concept and so far, our execution.