This is What Saturday Night Should Be

Last night was the kind of Saturday night I want 52 weeks a year. Sometimes that all important night just creeps up on you, and without plans you end up doing nothing fun. If somebody were to ask me how I’d like to spend Saturday night, last night is my answer. I like to spend time around a dinner table discussing the world, eating good food, sharing wine and learning about people across from the table.

We drove up to Montague to Michael and Susan’s, they live in the village center. They organized a ‘Ground Hogs Day’ party with an Indian food theme. So all afternoon, Cindy and I worked grinding spices and heating strange ingredients to make a vegetable korma. It was fun to cook together with a common goal of creating something interesting for the Indian table.

There were three other couples there, each had made their own Indian dish. One guest made a spinach paneer with homemade cheese, another chicken marsala, there was chutney, and yogurt Raita, and naan, and a sweet carrot dish, but the best part was the conversation.

We talked about politics, and Hillary and Barack, and the horror that is John McCain, and the question of whether Hillary is likeable enough to get in. We talked about terrible plumbers and handimen who have ripped us off, and about movies and shows and the various diversions in our lives.

It was the kind of night where nobody left the table, we just switched from wine to water, and continued talking until it got late and people started to yawn. Then it was time for a collective ‘well, we better be going’ and then a flurry of kisses and hugs and a drive home to snuggle in a warm bed.

It was a perfect Saturday night!