It’s Almost Noon–Time to Fire up the Videos

Lunchtime is prime time for web viewing, according to a story in today’s NY Times. Cube dwellers browse videos on websites all of the time but they ramp up viewing at this golden hour of noon.

Marketers have found that people who watch products videos at noon are 30% more likely to buy than if they had been viewed at any other time of day. clearly, people like the regular routine, said Mike Hudack, chief executive of blip.TV, a video sharing site. “Continuity and consistency is incredibly important,” Mr. Hudack said.

“If you want to attract a loyal audience, you have to give them what they expect when they expect it.”

“Walk around your office” at lunchtime, said Alan Wurtzel, head of research for NBC. “Out of 20 people, I’m going to guarantee that 5 are going to be on some sort of site that is not work-related.”

The midday spike in Web traffic is not a new phenomenon, but media companies have started responding in a meaningful way over the last year. They are creating new shows, timing the posts to coincide with hunger pangs. And they are rejiggering the way they sell advertising online, recognizing that noontime programs can command a premium.

Now newspapers are creating a special menu of videos that roll at noon. Hey, might as well fish where the fish are.