Early January at the GoNOMAD Cafe

marquetry bureaus 722633
Saturday at the cafe: A man meets a woman from a dating service. It looked like they enjoyed their coffee, but, no match. Then old pal Bill comes in, a regular. We sat for a coffee and then it was time to update the website we maintain for him. We posted some striking photos of nude marquetry on gigantic bureaus he designed with Silas Kopf.

Then time for errands; to the hardware store, drat, lights still don’t work…then time to find a venue for the GoNOMAD Travel Ad Network party, in February during the New York Times Travel Show. Gotta find the right setting for tourism folks, ad people and clients to come schmooze at a cocktail reception. It’s gotta be cool, centrally located, and not cost a mint.

Now, for tonight….I love the challenge of a Saturday afternoon, ‘what do i want to do’ session. I am thinking about this new Italian restaurant that just opened at Hatfield’s Old Mill. I worked there briefly when the Valley Advocate had their offices there, now it’s a BYOB restaurant. Maybe a date for tonight?