GoNOMAD’s An Exciting Place To Be Now!

It sometimes boggles my mind how much happens in this little office, everything is happening in marvelous waves. We’ve been in touch with another larger travel website about a new partnership, developing a whole new suite of pages with quality content. It’s going to be a great new way to share information with our readers.

Also just this week we’re launching an expanded and more colorful GoNOMAD tour directory, with exciting tours around the world that will be mixed in with our articles. So if you’re reading a story about Carcassone, France, you’ll be able to price out trips there, and how much flights cost.

We’re pretty excited about the quality of the offerings, and we join the likes of Expedia, Lonely Planet and Frommers in partnering with these folks. Down the road are new plans to sell passport services, currency exchange and a large selection of vacation rentals on the site.

Though these additions are key to our growth, the site still surprises me with the quality of our stories. We just posted a new list in February’s newsletter, have a look at them here.

Tomorrow we say hello to Manjula, who will start as a GoNOMAD web designer next week. She will be customizing all of the stories to add the flight and tour links to help travelers GO!