Deerfield Attracts the Neighbors

I ventured out into the sleet and chill to rally fellow business people to join our nascent Deerfield Attractions website, and so far there’s lots of enthusiasm for the plan. It makes so much sense, after all, to try and capture tourist visits using a website, and it didn’t hurt that we’ve made great progrdeerfieldbanner 750428ess with getting the signs on Rtes 116 and Rtes 5&10.

The Recorder’s Jeremy Dirac wrote the story in today’s paper, and as it percolated through the town, we got some calls and emails from Deerfield people wanting to get in on the action.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to offer something for sale that’s such a no-brainer, good deal. I mean, who offers free photography, text, links and optimizing for two hundred bucks a year? We do baby, we do!