Helen, Dear, How Can I Help You Today?

On the trip back up from NJ to South Deerfield, I found a Christian radio station in New York that featured shows about medical topics. One show was called Urology and You, and was hosted by a jolly Indian named Dr. Zafar Khan, and a guest OB/Gyn named Dr. Zuckerman.

“Hello, Helen dear,” said doctor Khan, in a soothing Indian lilt. “Today is women-only day, we are only taking calls from women today.” So proceeded a string of calls from NY-area women with problems urinating and other related complaints. Dr Khan happily counseled them, and then gave out his phone number, so they could make an appointment to see him in person. He was a good sounding doc with a reassuring, ‘it will be ok’ tone of voice.

Woman after woman told the doc about how they had to get up so many times to pee during the night, or that they leaked. “There’s a cure for that,” he told them. “You don’t have to suffer,” we have creams and pills you can take.” Each woman sounded progressively more pleased with the good doctor’s advice, and many said they’d call to make an appointment.

Later I looked up the doctor’s website at urologyandyou and discovered a whole bunch of info about treating enlarged prostates, that make many men have to get up time and time again at night to urinate. The things you can learn alone in a car with the radio on!