Watching the Planes and the People Down Below

We are sitting in Copenhagen’s airport with our flight delayed two hours. No announcement told us, we just learned this by overhearing another passenger, then seeing it for ourselves on the board. Thanks a lot! I always like to watch the planes come and go and see what the workers do down there. I remember as a kid I always thought it would be fun to work a job like that and drive those cool little baggage trains and loading vehicles.

I watched a man drag a huge Airbus in with a vehicle that clamps the front wheel and pulls the plane. Delicately, he maneuvered the plane’s wheel right into the place between two painted lines. Then a woman in a reflective jacket chucked a few knapsacks down a stairway…and some of the newspapers flew loose. I watched as the papers blew away in the wind, and she had to run after them. Then a man emerged from the vehicle that pulls the plane…and two women security guards frisked him.

We have wireless access here in the terminal, and since this wait is without decent newspapers, restaurants or even CNN on TV, I guess we’ll splurge and hook up. The man next to me used a 3G wireless access that uses a tiny cellphone signal to get the ‘Net. Much better, no lousy fees, and the service is faster. Coming here made us realize how backward our cellphone service is, we don’t have even 1G yet.