The Giant Foam Head Thanks to High Lawn Farm

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We just had a visit from Helen Christensen, the sales representative for High Lawn Farm in Lee, MA. Helen is a charming lady of a certain age who is enthusiastic and polite, and just loves the business she is in. She also complimented us on our cafe, she looked around with a smile and told us it was lovely. She asked me how we got into this business, and I explained the cafe’s travel website roots.

We’re bringing High Lawn’s Jersey milk to the cafe starting next week. I sampled the products at Whole Foods, and she told me that she supplies milk to Northampton Coffee and Amherst Coffee, two upscale high class coffee houses which have a reputation for top quality. I thought, “if it’s good enough for them…” and decided to make the switch. Sure it will cost a little more, but the product is creamier, lighter, and just makes better lattes. Plus they sell these wonderful little chocoate milks that I know are gonna be big sellers in the soda case.

The proof is in the foam….in Austria, I had many cappuccinos and lattes with incredible heads of foam…so much you could cut it with a fork–a giant tower of luscious, creamy foam. Now I make the same drinks here using this new milk, and voila. Bring on the Giant Foam Head!