Marina HAS to be Our Intern

We’ve got another new intern as a result of the fair we attended yesterday at the UMass Fine Arts Center. There were many companies represented, though most of them were small software or other computer-related businesses without the appeal of travel, writing and the web. In that way we stood out, and the man at the door told me that he had more students asking about us than any other business.

Marina came by and told me she really, truly had to do an internship with us. She had studied in Spain, and said that GoNOMAD called to her, she had to write, she had to find a way to express her passion about travel. So she’ll come by later this week and we will give her some work to do.

Waking up early, it’s still dark, and soon with daylight savings, it will be even darker. I always think of Britt, opening up the cafe, hoping that everything is going well, and that she won’t need me at that early hour. She’s competant, and cheerful, and she is big part of why we’re breaking records every day at South Deerfield’s newest and coolest cafe.