Interns at GoNOMAD Leave with Good Feelings

I am getting ready to man a booth at an internship fair at UMass on Tuesday night, organized by the folks at Hidden Tech. This is a great group of people who mostly work at home, “hidden” in their home offices, and this fair at the University is a way to find interns who want to learn about these businesses.

In advance of this event, I got copies of the evaluations written by six of our previous interns so I could see what they thought about working with us. Wow, what a wonderful read! All but one of the six circled “excellent” when reviewing the overall experience. Some of the comments made me smile.

“Max pushes you to succeed, but only as far as you’re willing to be pushed.”

“Max is great to work with, motivated, and pushes you to do better.”

“For those interested in travel writing, it’s the perfect way to start that career through, a very well managed travel site…plus sometimes you’re sent to a place on assignment to write your own story.”