The Shooter Checks in from Boise

paulshoul 779847
Paul Shoul checked in from Boise, Idaho by email, and as usual he was exhuberant. Our favorite shooter tracked down the local celebrity who promised to show him all of Boise’s places and secrets within the first two hours of his arrival. I’m sure his story will be a lot of fun as were his stories about Taiwan and Bilbao. Shoul is an intrepid traveler and man about town; he makes the scene at functions with Taiwan tourism (getting dressed up as a Taiwanese aborigine for that one) and dines with tourism and agency honchos in NYC.

He makes his way around the Valley with deserved swagger, he’s earned the status of cool by years of good work and now he’s writing for GoNOMAD. Today’s a day in which I am encouraged and energized by our writers. Cindy Lou Dale has gotten rave reviews, Kent is sending a few new pieces, and we just got something very well done by Janis Turk who writes about how New Orleans is coming back, and the effects of the hurricane on travel there. Oh, and I am just about done with my Malaysia story!