Nathan Fiddles with Knobs, Farmer’s Market in the Plans

Fall is in the air this morning, it was a bit cloudy as I rode my bike down Sugarloaf Street en route to the cafe. I woke up later than usual, it was nice not to rush out. I got a chance to spend some time with my grandson Nathan, he brought me books to read him and made his way around the living room, switching knobs and fiddling with whatever dials he could find.

The cafe was full of people when I arrived, unfortunately, our WiFi is not working, but that didn’t make anyone grumpy. We’ve got big plans here, as we gaze out at Park Street at the far side of the common. That’s where we’d like organize a farmer’s market next spring. Dave Jackson, of Enterprise Farm, has said he’d like to set up a stand. And we think many more farmers will also want to be part of it. I emailed Bernie Kubiak, the Deerfield Town Manager, and we’re working on a presentation for the selectboard.

Our neighbors across the street at CISA might also play a part in this scheme. We’ll keep you posted!