A new Kind of Singapore Sling–for Coffee

The longest flight in the world on Singapore Airlines wasn’t that bad, even though unlike our Travel maven Kent, I didn’t get an upgrade to business class. They called my name and gave me a ticket for a seat at the start of the aisle, so it was legroom aplenty. Now we’re parked at the Kris lounge, we journos get these perks I guess because we might write or broadcast something nice about Singapore Air. So that gives me a chance to blog and catch up with my favorite gonomad blogs.

The schedule here includes a tourism summit in nearby Malacca, with officials and dignitaries. Then the King and Queen of Malaysia are slated to be there with us later for the opening of the Colours of Malaysia festival. Their names are very very long, and also in attendance will be someone called a Raja. Gotta find out what a raja does in this day and age.

Next week we’ll fly up north to Redang Island. In the airport so far only thing I noticed was a cool innovation at the coffee shop…plastic ‘slings’ to hold hot cups, that work better than the sleeves we use in the cafe. Maybe I can find these and bring this unique innovation home.