That Nervous Feeling When You’re About to Go…

lb03 a340 flight 715109
I am nervously awaiting my long-haul flight from Newark to Singapore tonight. Well, not nervous, but I have that antsy sort of feeling I get when I’m leaving on a big trip. The cafe is incredibly slow, so slow in fact that we’ll probably close at noon. Who knew that the day before a holiday is such a lousy business day? I read the NY Times in print yesterday, a rare day of no internet and all broadsheet reading. Among the tidbits was this story about the trip I’m taking tonight at 11 pm.
by Joshua Kurlatzick.

“Several months later, I boarded another almost daylong flight, this time on Singapore Airlines, from Newark to Singapore. The flight lasts over 18 hours, yet Singapore’s economy seats proved more comfortable than those in business class on most airlines.

The choice of films was smaller than on Emirates, but Singapore included far more art house choices, including Oscar nominees like “The Constant Gardener” and French and Italian offerings. The cabin staff was more polite than any other airline’s, even delivering five extra meals to the fellow in front of me who just couldn’t get enough airline food.

In the back of the economy cabin, there was a small walk-up station where you could get fruit, drinks, granola bars and other snacks, and attendants hung around to chat up passengers. By the end of the flight, the station felt like a city bar at happy hour, with passengers drifting to the back to swap airline stories, complain about their jobs, and even swap phone numbers.

The flight was, dare I say it, almost fun.”

Well I’m ready to go….boarding a bus in a few hours to Newark.