Sicily on Film and Press Coverage for GoNOMAD

sicily s 761245

Today I firmed up plans with my friend Rick Newton for the next extravaganza at the cafe–a photo exhibit with a multimedia twist. We’re going to show off photographs shot on film in Sicily by UMass students. Rick takes students to this lovely island each year, and they shoot glorious photos. We are going to exhibit the photos on the walls and show another 200 photos on our cafe computer, as slideshows. It will happen next Friday, if all goes as planned.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette’s Rachael Hanley interviewed me for a story about WiFi. I referred them to a few of our customers who use their laptops at the cafe. We sat outside at cafe’s sidewalk tables and talked about the bright future of WiFi, the web on telephones and other future-is-now topics.

We are also watching Google news alerts for a story by the Associated Press that includes quotes from GoNOMAD’s founder Lauryn Axelrod. She was interviewed by Melissa Rayworth about taking her son around the world. Her trip was partly financed by yours truly, making monthly payments when I bought the site back in 2002. The story will include our link and will be sent out to 2500 of their member papers.