Be Careful If You Threaten Boing Boing

Last night Cindy asked me what I was reading as I pored over my laptop on her kitchen table. I find the most amusing things to read. It was a story from Wired News about a man who had a high powered magnet implanted in his ring finger. The effect is amazing; it allows one to tell which wires are hot and if your hard drive is about to spin. The little magnet gives that finger a special power; it twitches sensing magnetic power around it. There are people who really like having this in their fingers.

Then on Boing Boing, a letter written to the editors threatening them if they stream any videos from the upcoming World Cup. Cory Doctorow replied that all of the editors there hate pro sports and would never post anything about any sport. And they went on to chase down some nasty details about attorneys who work at the London law firm of Baker and McKenzie. One of the barristers caused a stir when he tried to get a secretary to repay him 4 pounds for having his pants cleaned when she accidentally spilled ketchup on them. This is the guy making 100,000 pounds a year! The secretary sent out an email ridiculing his silly dunning of her and he was embarrassed as the email went ’round and round and eventually made its way into a London tabloid.

Be careful when you threaten the world’s most popular blog!