Learning How To Work in My Cafe

Today I got a bit of a jolt when Alan, our main barrista at the cafe, said he felt sick and had to go home. He works the whole day on Mondays, so I knew I’d have to step into the breach. Egads, I am not really that good at this. I fumbled with the coffee ice cubes and messed up the register…but our regulars, god bless ’em, were kind enough to correct me when I charged them too little. Now that’s the kind of customer any cafe would want!

It wasn’t a particularly busy day, but a steady stream of folks came in. One of our regulars is a woman who rides an adult trike, she walks with difficulty but always is smiling and friendly. She brought with her an adorable little Jack Russell puppy, a rambunctious little white thing, he rode in the back of her trike on a blanket.

Another customer working on her laptop asked me politely if I could play music without words. I replied that the music comes from my Ipod, and you never know what you’ll get…but I didn’t have a playlist without words. But turning it down and making her a perfect mango smoothie seemed just fine and she was happy.