Napping Sounded Like a Good Idea

We walked and walked, for blocks and blocks, the way you often do when you are in New York City. The mild weather and anticipation of the show made it a fine day to stroll. We finally reached Via Italia, and had chicken parmesan by the window. I kept thinking of how much the rent must be at these places, and how many bottles of wine and chicken parm you’d have to sell to make the multi-thousand dollar rent each month.

Later we returned to the Marriot Marquis. The bed awaited, in all its six-pillow, soft duvet, Egyption cotton-sheeted glory. I peeled back the sumptous covers to nap.

..wowowowowowowooww…eeeeerrreeeeiiiiee BLATTT BLATTTT BLATATTT…

How many different kinds of sirens must there be? And you can hear them all up here on the twenty-fourth floor. Just as I would be drifting off in those billowy, pillowy covers….ahhhh…then uuuuuyapppp yipp, uwaappp. No use. I derived some peace by just lying there still, relaxing, not moving, listening to the gentle sound of New York’s Siren choir.