Late the Interview, Late to the Job?

Today my daughter Kate is handling the interviews for servers at the new GoNOMAD Cafe. We lined up about five candidates, and so far one sounds like a keeper, and the second one who didn’t show up, she’s not. “Late to the interview, late to the job,” said Kate.

I am being updated about the interviews via instant message. At one point she typed gibberish and explained that it was Nathan’s handiwork. Nathan also spends time in a playpen she’s installed at the office. It is nice to know that somebody besides me is meeting these job seekers, having a second opinion is crucial to choose the right person.

Today we go back to the Javits Center and set up our GoNOMAD booth, and then at 4:30 pm, it will be showtime. That gives us a whole day to get our NYC bearings, make the booth perfect, and at the end of the day, Joe, Paul, Cindy and Lisa will join us and we’ll get to work.