Making Progress on the GoNOMAD Cafe

I remember when I used to work for men who had to make quick decisions, and they never did. It frustrated me. Now that I am running these companies, I also have to make the quick snap judgements. Now, decide, spend, save, compare, put-out-fires. Delegate. Well I am good at that, today as I sit in my new office I have Stephen on my right putting up ads on I have Dave hammering away fixing the new railing for the cafe. I have Eric running scans on a dead computer. And Joe is talking to Verizon and fixing Kent’s blog so that he can post. Dave C is working on a new 6 x 7 foot banner for our tradeshow in NYC. We’ll also have stickers to hand out that say “GO!” for people who come to our booth.

We are underway full scale banging out all eight cylinders. Our coffee guy Sean dropped by with five pounds today, our plumber is coming back to tell us the news about the sink, a design consultant is working on mock ups for the front signs, and the cappuccino maker is being delivered this week. We’re thinking about a fabric ceiling that feels like a Nomad’s tent.

By Friday we will have a cafe ready to see. No coffee yet, but time to find our employees.