Watching Birds? Or Just Drillin’

I had a dental appointment last week when it snowed. The doc called and we set up a later time, and I settled in for some drilling. After a while, he stopped, and went away. I asked the hygenist sitting next to me if that was it. “No, no, there’s more. He has to drill out the whole tooth to fit in the crown.”

Dr Grass came back and sat down. “Back to the grind,” he said with a slight laugh.

The drills went on and on. I settled into looking out the window at a faraway tree. The tree towered over all the others, and there was a shape out there. I could discern an image of what looked like a big hawk, sitting up in that tree. Way way way over there. Drilling resumed. I thought about whether that image over there was a snowdrift, or a bird. Finally, I asked her if she had ever seen any hawks out that window.

“Oh yeah, there are two of them. They do sit up in that tree.” I was comforted by hearing that she too saw the bird out there on the tree.