Dinner Whores Are the Topic Tonight

Tonight I drove around and around in the New York City traffic, listening to a new FM radio station. One of the hosts was called “Radio Chick” and she lead a spirited discussion on a new topic–Dinner Whores. These are the women who go out to dinner with men again and again, just for the dinner. The callers to the show included men who had wasted lots of money on these dinners, and women, who felt that their company enough was a fine and fair trade for a big meal. Then people started talking about how women would order the expensive stuff on the menu, and take advantage of the guy who was dutifully, paying the bill.

The Travel Show won’t begin until Friday at 4:30. So we have a day to get the booth ready and do some walking around New York. We were not inspired by our booth locations, way way way to the left, and an aisle with only a few booths and a lot of empty space. But we’ll do fine, and work hard to provide some sparks at our booth for our visitors.