Hanging with Weekend Cannibals

Reading the Village Voice in NYC on Wednesday, I came across a story by Katharine Gates titled “A weekend Among Suburban Cannibals.” Really. The story detailed a group of people, men and women, who frequent cannibal porn websites and post on cannibal porn message boards.

Yes, Virginia, there is indeed a community of people whose most highly charged erotic imagery is of a woman who is captured, stripped, trussed, stuffed, and “cooked.” There are ‘femcans’, or men who want to be eaten by a woman, and of course, women who love the idea of being that ‘center of attention, just like the Thanksgiving turkey.

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“The most popular is the spit roast, a woman skewered through the vagina and out the mouth–a visual effect achieved through the use of cardboard tubes painted to resemble metal. There’s also the face-down suckling pig, the parturition-style turkey girl, and finally the old cartoon-gag cliche, the jungle cannibal stew pot.

A woman named Meghan explained the appeal: “For me, it’s all about being the centerpiece, or the center of attention. It’s the same attention you give the turkey on Thanksgiving..everybody is just so obsessed with that turkey.

When is the turkey going to be done? It’s so exciting!” Meghan loves nothing more than to unwind by going into her homemade dungeon and being trussed up on her large rotisserie with an electric fire crackling realistically beneath her.

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