Moss Covered Rocks, Dense Green Slopes

Elise Rana is the Travel editor of TNT magazine in London. I was traveling with her and the day I decided to sleep in, she got up early.

“At dawn, I left the cosy cabin and crackling log stove at Patricio’s lodge on the edge of Queulat National Park, in the remote Aisén region of Chilean Patagonia. Waterproofed from head to toe, we crossed a stormy fjord in a tiny rowing boat and have been clambering through lush rainforest that seethes with life, wading up streams and over moss-carpeted rocks and lichen-covered logs, tightroping over makeshift bridges. I feel like one of the Famous Five. We emerge at a thundering waterfall and sit on a rock in the spray, soaking up the view of dense green slopes and snow-dusted granite peaks. This place is worth getting up early for.”