Making a Million Selling Pixels

Pixels for Sale: David Pogue writes in the NY Times about a man who sells pixels on his webpage

“Dang, dang, dang! Either this is a hoax, or it’s the most brilliant idea anyone’s ever had on the Internet, and I’m furious I didn’t think of it first: the Million Dollar Homepage.

Its sole purpose is to sell advertising space–$1 a pixel. Believe it or not, this guy’s sold about 390,000 of them–that’s $390,000, for those scoring at home. That’s more than enough to put its 21-year-old British creator through college, which was the original intent of the site.

And what will he do with all the cash?

“First and foremost, if I make enough money, I will pay my way through University,” he says. “After that, I would like to pay for my parents to have some time off because they work so hard and they deserve a break.

“Thirdly… socks! I definitely need some new socks. Whenever I buy new ones they seem to disappear, or they disintegrate. So I want to buy some really expensive, long-lasting socks.”