Waking Up for Airtime on WHYN

All night I tossed and turned, thinking about what time I needed to wake up. I had agreed to do a phone interview on Springfield’s WHYN-560 AM at 7 am, and these guys get up early. I kept imagining I had missed it, then dozing off, then waking up suddenly. Finally, I came downstairs and couldn’t find the number–it was 6:57 and the call was minutes away. So I drove to the office, got some coffee, and by 7:06 am I was offering witty repartee with Brad Shepard about Dracula and Hungary.

Shepard’s a guy with radio in his blood…you can tell by that silky voice and the hearty laugh. He also loves travel, albeit vicariously. We talked about Hungary and about my trip to the nudist resort, and he didn’t need to do much prompting. I live this stuff and can do it any time of the day and can usually spin a good yarn. Hopefully, we can do this on a regular basis, it would be fun to have a local radio outlet like this AM powerhouse on which to share our exciting travel stories from GoNOMAD.