Wind Farms–The Danes Like ‘Em

A month ago I mentioned some Nantucketers were going to find out first hand what it’s like living next to a windfarm. So they went, courtesy of a lobbying group, to Scandinavia and met Danes who live near these facilities., my favorite source of Nantucket news, said this.

“After stops at the 70-turbine Nysted Harbor offshore wind farm in Rødsand, the 80-turbine Horns Rev offshore wind park at Blåvand, and two onshore wind facilities in Tjæborg and Velling, those who left Nantucket feeling supportive of a wind farm in Nantucket Sound came away with even stronger convictions about the need for wind power.

“I’d never seen one before and I was amazed,” said Carl Borchert. “The visual impacts were even less than I thought. It’s hard to believe what all the fuss here is about. But they’re really doing it over there. They’re light years ahead of us.”

Borchert was joined on trip by his wife, Randi Allfather, as well as Nantucketers Laura Wasserman, Stephen Peckham, Victoria Pickwick and Dorothy Vollans. The only thing the Danes don’t like is the blinking red light near the farm…but the company said they are working on a way to get rid of it.