Search Spamming: Ugh!

Been having some problems, sorry about those bogus photos that don’t load. Been discovering some new weird stuff that people are trying to do with links on the web as scams. Web Pro News reports on Search Spamming: that the Financial Times printed invisible links on a page, so that even though readers didn’t see them, search engine robots would. They cleverly sprinkled these relevant keywords, like fairy dust, in the text of financial articles…a web first, according to the authors.

Nathan Weinberg said “If you sell a link to some website and hide it, just to pass along PageRank to a website, you will get found out, and hopefully 100 or more bloggers will write about it. Then, when people search for your website, maybe they’ll see the word “dishonest” in a high ranking article about your company. And you’ll deserve it, you certainly will.