What Would You Say

If you were given a minute to blast your opinion out to the world, what would you want to talk about?

In Ohio, there is a bike that tows a yellow trailer. Atop is an old fashioned phonograph-like horn, and inside is an Mp3 player, cellphone and a microcontroller. Daniel Jolliffe, of British Columbia, put together this device that enables people to call and make declarations over this speaker in public places. Wired News reports.

“It’s almost like psychotherapy, where people feel better once they get this off their chest,” he said…with almost 250 entries from the public so far, the answer to ‘what would you say’ runs the gamut. One caller intimately discusses her spreading cancer, another offers a bizarre performance of the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop in the voice of a chicken. Others rail against the tyranny of the GOP administration. Call them at 614-441-9533 if you too, want to be heard. For a minute any way.