Marvelous Likes the Pen

Tonight riding home on the Mass Pike, I listened to VB, filling in on the Howie Carr show. The topic was the recent story about Vladimir Putin. Meeting with Patriots owner Bob Kraft and Rupert Murdoch in Russia, Putin was handed Kraft’s new Superbowl ring, studded with hundreds of diamonds—and promptly pocketed the ‘gift.’ VB asked callers for other stories of people receiving unintentioned gifts. A lady called and told about a scene she witnessed at the Braintree Cinemas.

“A boxer from Malden, wearing a white hat and white suit (VB quickly gave the name Hagler to this man) came to the movies and this young kid asked him for his autograph. He handed Marvelous the new Cross Pen that his parents had given him as a graduation pen. After a flourish, Marv declared ‘I like this pen–may I have it?’ and walked off, fancy pen in his pocket. The teenage ticket taker was chagrined, losing his nice pen to this multimillionaire boxer, just for being nice.