Huge SUVs on Narrow Streets

Sitting in the front room of the Dolphin Guest House, thinking about driving in Nantucket. Like my esteemed peers before me, Russell Baker and David Halberstam both have both railed about the size of people’s vehicles on this little rock. Whether you believe that large SUV sales are down, bloated Excursions, Expeditions, Hummers and Range Rovers are still the cars of choice here.

It seems the bulkier and fatter the car, the thinner and richer the driver. Usually it’s a reed thin, healthily glowing Nantucket 30-something woman, with a classic outfit of pale shades or white, a large wedding ring and tow-headed youngsters in car seats in the back. Her wealth and immense bulk, compared with the narrow 18th century cobblestone streets, irritates and annoys…not sure just why.

I rented a car and found myself stopped in traffic more than moving; these snaking lines going back back back and everyone here, so pleasant, so eager to say yes, go ahead, turn in front of me. Makes me love my new bike even more.