The Ferries Stay Docked

May has turned nasty here on the New England coast. A storm brewed up last night and the wind howled outside my hotel window. Now, three Russian moving men sit on the lobby couch, killing time at the hotel. That’s because the fast ferry and even the slow ferry are not leaving. These men arrived in a moving van from Brooklyn, NY. I bet they didn’t plan on staying overnight in this island.

We forget about the elements, and how they still affect what we can and cannot do. I had planned to ferry over to Hyannis and then ferry back to Martha’s Vineyard. But that will have to wait. Now just settle back and spend a little more time with the many customers I know here, and put up a few blogs. Tonight is the anticipated last episode of Lost. I wish I could watch it with my honey, but 29 miles of sea and 155 miles of pavement keep us apart.