Lost for the Season

Last night finally, after so many weeks, brought the final episode of Lost. Whoa, now I am truly lost. There’s nothing like a cliffhanger to make people come back in the fall to pick up where they left off in May. But this one sewed up no loose ends, and provided only chilling evidence of a serious cast shake-up. We saw the survivors on the raft, Sawyer, Jin, Michael and little Walt meet up with what looked like a rescue party. But it turned out to be a boat full of Hillbilly pirates, who successfully stole the youngster and blew up the raft, leaving the three men bobbing in the inky black water.

Meanwhile, back on the island, after dynamiting the hatch of the mysterious buried tank, and losing the most obnoxious cast member, high school science teacher “Arnt” to nitro glycerin, they finally get that damn thing open. And what is inside?

A ladder and an long long tunnel, with no end in sight.