Livin’ the Nude Life

Warm temperatures brought many more sun lovers to DeAnza Springs, and the day also saw a party for the 85-year-old Clara, who has been at this park forever. She arrived at the party wearing a white bra and a huge smile, she was moved by the outpouring of love from her fellow nudists on this day. Later she took off the bra.

The party was at the far end of the park, up agaainst the volcanic yellowish round boulder filled moutains. The setting is almost martian. A few women were topless, one completely bare, but many more men were pure nude, full monte. I talked with a few of the women there and they said women liked to have at least something on, a sarong or a scarf, or pants. But men get starky in no time.

One man was sitting in the sun naked and he had no arms. He was in the circus down in Mexico and a bear attacked, taking off both limbs. He enjoyed being in the jacuzzi. I keep thinking of what that would be like, to be a cheerful man with no arms. Helpless…yet he was proud and didn’t betray anything needing pity.

More than one women had only one breast. You see so much more here, good bad, beautiful, all coming at you at different times.

Nudity brings out a low key laconic feeling to be sitting here nude, typing, or standing with a beer at Clara’s party, bare but for the towel draped around my neck.
People you meet nude just seem more real, like they have less to hide.