Sudanese Ambassador Confronted by Students

From today: One of the best stories I’ve read today is this account of the confrontation at Belmont University in Nashville between anti-idiotarian students and the ambassador from Sudan’s “Islamic republic:” Sudan’s envoy gets hostile reception at Belmont. (Hat tip: Bill Hobbs.)

An unusual gathering at Belmont University featured the ambassador of Sudan, more than 300 students who came to express their anger at genocide in that East African country, and a professor who led a walkout in protest.

Many in the crowd — including one student refugee from the Sudan — accused the government of supporting atrocities such as murder and rape and what former Secretary of State Colin Powell has called “genocide.”

Sophomore Amr Ali said his family escaped Sudan after the government harassed his mother and beat his father. He told the crowd he was proud that he would soon be an American citizen. But he told Sudanese Ambassador Abdel Bagi Kabeir that he would not forget his native country.

“I want you to look at me,” the 19-year-old told the ambassador. “This is the future. The people that you have oppressed, the people that your government has kicked out of the country will go back. We will make the country greater than it has ever been since you have raped it since 1989.”

Ali received a loud ovation for his statements.”