Flavorpill–You Like it Filtered

The New York Times magazine comes in a $4.50 wrapper, so I read it on line. This was included in last week’s issue.

“Flavorpill now has scores of contributors who straddle the line between critic and fan. A recent issue of the New York version included a ”stoner/psych rock” show at the Mercury Lounge with the bands Dead Meadow and Jennifer Gentle and Growing, a comedy performance at the Kitchen by ”the folks behind queer feminist journal LTTR” and the Found Footage Festival at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg (”Note: The festival is followed by a dance party”). The occasional ”iconic” event, like the New York City Marathon, also makes the list. ”We don’t want to be esoteric,” Mangan says. ”We don’t want to be hip.”

But, of course, there is no hipper sentiment than that, and it’s likely that Flavorpill has a devoted following not just because of its enthusiasm but also because the e-mail format lends a vaguely secretive, in-the-know vibe. The key, however, is not whether subscribers are simply aware and telling their friends about, say, a Hollertronix D.J. show but whether they’re actually showing up. After all, being in the know is much more satisfying if you can do it in a crowd.”