Puppy Mills Are In the News

Reading Lancasteronline.com I came across this. It was a blog posted by a new resident.

“Recently my wife and I moved from Lancaster to Delaware County (for university reasons) and we just wanted to comment on the puppy mill situation in Lancaster County.

My wife worked for the Humane League of Lancaster County for a few years and she (we) are strongly opposed to the manufacturing of dogs for profit. I’m sure many of you saw the Fox29 report on Puppy Love Kennel (along with Joyce “I Kill Puppies for $” Stoltzfus smacking the cameraman’s camera from him)…if anyone that reads these boards is interested, you can visit www.stoppuppymills.com (a highly recommended HSUS website).

Also, a meeting was recently had in the Lancaster-area concerning puppy mill legislation and the turn out was decent (about 100 people). Future meetings could benefit from more Lancaster county citizens. I’ll post information about the next meeting here when I get it.

So…does anyone share our moral outrage?