Al Gore is One Step Ahead of You

Al Gore is a guy some of us like to beat up on. The “inventing the internet” the stupid staged Kiss, Tipper….but he’s on to something pretty far reaching with a new TV network planned for an August 1 rollout. The website had the story.

“Current, the network’s new name, plans to air short-form, fast-paced segments and snippets called “pods” rather than shows. Tailored for the short attention span, they will be anywhere from 15 seconds to five minutes long.

The pods will include a job-market spot called “Current Gigs,” a report on spiritual trends called “Current Soul” and segments about parenting, technology, fashion, music, politics, the environment and relationships. The short-form format, pioneered by MTV, “is consistent with the fast- paced, two-screen-consuming-at-a-time nature of this audience,” said a spokesman. Current will also air segments every half hour showing TV viewers what Google searchers are tapping into at that moment — everything from current events to tourist destinations.

“This is an audience of media grazers, and we decided to create a network that didn’t fight that but facilitated that,” Neuman said. He introduced a snazzy, five-minute video — “a taste of the tapas bar for young adults we call Current” — that offered snippets of video reports from Sierra Leone, the Middle East, the marijuana fields of Morocco.