Life Caching: It’s Catching On

Daniel Fallon writes about a new trend that is about to get BIG. It comes from Nokia, the ingenius Fins who have done so much for the cellphone handset.

“Nokia is tapping into an emerging trend that could potentially change the way we record, and ultimately remember, our lives. The new buzzword is life caching, a term that describes the information we capture about our lives using the various digital devices we are increasingly attached to.

Once organised, our life cache can be shared with friends or kept as a personal diary. From the snaps we take with digital cameras, to the calendar dates we set on our PDAs, to the video we shoot on camcorders, to the email we store in Outlook on our computer – the digital information we collect about our lives each week is growing exponentially and the capacity for technology to store it is keeping up. For Lindholm, it’s just a matter of deciding whether to share the highlights. The new Nokia phones will organize it all on PCs in a “Life Cache.”

Microsoft is planning to take life diaries to a new, more detailed level with SenseCam. This wearable device is designed to capture up to 2000 images a day on its 128MB memory. The company likens it to a personal black box that will be able to
tell what happened in case of an accident. “All the interesting trivial details of life can be recorded and shared with family and friends,” says a Microsoft spokesman.