Welcome to the Office

Got into the office early today, so I could write some blog and catch up on the weekend’s email. What a trove of treasure awaits me here, every single day. Katherine Tanney, who wrote a piece in the Times Magazine that I admired here, gave me kudos on my taste in writers. Funny. Then a story from a couple who live in Indonesia and want to share information on the undamaged regions still very much worth traveling to. Then another story that needs some photos about the un-touristed parts of DC. The author is Saundra Latham, and here is a great sentence she includes:

Daunted by tales of seedy neighborhoods and Los Angeles-caliber traffic, visitors often stay tethered to an invisible leash permitting little exploration beyond the Smithsonian, Capitol and White House.

Other email includes a story about gruesome foods travelers have enjoyed eating around the world such as live ‘drunken shrimp’ who swim around in rice wine, cock’s combs, bird’s nest soup and various entrails served roasted or grilled. We still await the photos to go with this story.