Nuclear Reality

Nuclear power is set to make a comeback. To some hardcore Greens, this is good news. One longtime trustee of Friends of the Earth, Hugh Montefiore, has stated that he believes the solution to global warming is to make more use of nuclear energy. Ditto for Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore, who left the group because of this stand. The fact is that in other countries nuclear is dominating– In Sweden 45%, South Korea 40%, and in France a whopping 77% of total energy produced is from nukes.

Yet here the last nuke built was in 1973. Things are changing and the technology efficiency has never been higher. A company called Exelon that makes nuclear generating equipment has seen huge stock price increases, using a new generation of fuel efficient, far safer reactors. Simple fact is that our ever increasing need for power can never be sated by wind, hydro nor coal. There is a place for the nukes and more and more scientists are looking in this once feared direction for the answer.