Travelin’ with Kal

On Wednesday morning we’ll be traveling with Kal, on the Kal London travel show broadcast on a Connecticut radio station. We were glad when the host, an old travel pro, decided to give us the whole 6-8 minutes to talk about GoNOMAD, the upcoming Adventure Expo show in NYC, and the effects of the Tsunami on Sri Lanka and other areas. Ok, well, time for a little research. So I went to the web and got some great info and graphics from BBC, and hopefully I’ll sound like I know something more than the average TV viewer still stunned by the scenes of devastation in Western Sumatra and hard hit Sri Lanka.

This also reminds me of an interesting snippet of conversation today. Speaking with one of the PR folks for the Expo, I brought up my thoughts on the whole tourism and Tsunami issue. I said that what we all can do, besides contribute money, is to travel to South Asia and spend some of our tourism money there. At first she thought that even putting tourism in the same sentence as Tsunami was wrong, bad, and crass. But upon reflection she agreed that tourism holds the economic key to ultimately helping this badly damaged area. So we’ll talk about it and hope it helps.