Looking for the Perfect TV Host

Note: This is still in the idea stages 10/07 and we are not actively seeking a tv host at this time.

We broke in the new GoNOMAD office last night with a terrific 3-hour meeting to discuss the new TV show. Sony Stark and Kent St. John drove down from NY state; Joe O’Rourke and Paul Shoul rounded out the group. The energy and synergy in the room were palpable. At this point the ideas are flying but the gist is to develop a TV show using some of the elements of GoNOMAD. So now, we’ve got a concept, and we’re looking for a host. The host, as Sony said, is a key element to making the show a success:

. Qualified hosts need the following characteristics:

1. Attentive and good listener- the ability to reciprocate thoughtful exchanges with locals and organization volunteers.
2. Resourcefulness when adapting to weather conditions.
3. Bring a high-spirited energy and charismatic youthfulness to the show.
4. Someone who can add elements of reflection, levity and personality to a show. Someone who can stay focused on the sense of purpose volunteer trips achieve for the traveler.

Know anybody who might fit this bill? Ask them to send us their tape or email us.