Tina Brown’s Icy Words

Few writers can turn a phrase like Ms. Tina Brown does every few weeks in the Washington Post. Here is some of a recent column on Bernard Kerik’s flameout from his hoped for post heading Homeland Security.

That’s why the real satisfaction of the flameout lies not in Kerik’s fall but Rudy’s chagrin. America’s Mayor having to eat a little crow after three years of galloping hagiography is a classic case of karma coming due.

The city has become just a tad cranky about Rudy’s naked branding of 9/11 for his own political and pecuniary ends. Increasingly, his speeches seem to turn New York’s saddest day into shtick to dramatize his own heroism. It’s been hard for some to feel the same about him since hearing him sell an invidious merging of al Qaeda with the war in Iraq right at the top of his Republican convention speech.

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