GoNOMAD Featured on CNN

This is just one of the stories that people will enjoy reading on GoNOMAD.com. CNN’s Kyra Phillips interviewed us in a segment about Delta’s new less restricted fares, and we pointed them to the story by Kent St. John on the subject. The people at CNN are very cool, very professional….and like us they are all about the big bad world. “Tell our viewers what they can find on GoNOMAD,” and of course, that prompted a plea: If you want to help the Tsunami victims, TRAVEL! The affected countries, it should be stressed, are all in need of tourism revenue. You’ll find excellent examples of this by reading GoNOMAD.com.

Only a small part of Asia has been affected, for example 90% of Thailand is in fine shape. So there are wonderful places you should visit, and if you do so you’ll be helping out these battered economies.

CNN boosted our regular readership from average 1785 visitors to 3621 visitors that day. That’s a what we want!