Santa’s EBay Revenge

A Houston man got so mad at his three sons before the holidays that he took all of their presents and sold them on EBay. “My last name is not Scrooge,” the anonymous dad told the Houston Chronicle. He plans to keep all of the emails that he got from buyers, who have bid up to $1050 so far for the video games, and show them to his sons when they have kids. “Since this has become a bit of a Christmas soapbox, we would like everyone to think about what it says about (our) society and culture when good family values and accountability are taught and it becomes worldwide news.”

All is still now at just after 6:30 am on Christmas morning. I wish all of my blog readers a peaceful and fun filled holiday, and hope your 2005 is full of new and exciting possibilities. I don’t think I’ve ever been more positive and hopeful for the year ahead!