Festivus Among Us

Last night we met a bunch of cool people at a Festivus Party in Easthampton, MA. Made popular by Seinfeld, this December 23 ritual has become popular and features a list of grievances, a single aluminum pole and an intergenerational wrestling match at its conclusion. Our host and hostess live in a cavernous house with room for what seemed liked hundreds. And they all came out, despite a monsoon like rainstorm, to enjoy copious amounts of food, a “micro brew buffet” three live bands, ping pong, two roaring fires inside and a crowded deck with blazing chiminea. CNN called our hostess and wanted to send a camera crew but traffic on I-95 stopped them from coming.

Some times it is instructive to hang out with younger folks, you learn a lot about new and different things that way. Glad we ventured out to meet them.